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ArmActiv® is the newest tribotechnical composition based on carbon nanoparticles, working by TCN (Technology of Carbon Nanoreinforcement). Technological composite material «ArmActiv®» is designed to protect and extend the life of any working surfaces of themachinery (contacting) partsfriction - rolling and sliding bearings, gears, reductiongearboxes and gearboxes in general, internal combustion engines (diesel, gasoline, gas), compressors, Hydraulic machines, pumps, machine tools, etc...


ArmActiv® "–is a new resource-saving technology of protecting the friction surfaces.
The up-to-date complex technology of carbon nanoreinforcement of metals is designed :

•  To increase the duration of the trouble-free operation of mechanisms and the equipment in general…
•  To protect the parts from wear and tear…
•  To ensure exploitation under extreme conditions
•  To cut the operating costs

The main objective of oil in the engine this drop of losses on friction which can be up to 30% of all mechanical losses.

At oil is also and the second task - it is drop of wear, the enemy No 1 of all existing gears.

In most cases modern greases work very effectively.

And still any oil is calculated on certain average terms of use.

Average qualities of oils it can appear insufficiently for full protection and, the most important, full and economic operation.

ArmActiv proposes the new revolutionary solution for protection against wear.

ArmActiv, due to unique technology of carbon nanoreinforcing of surface, influences the surfaces of friction, changing their properties.

Until recently, it was believed that only by changing the properties of oils can one somehow resist wear.

It turns out that it is not possible to change the properties of oil, but the properties of the surfaces of friction pairs. At the same time, all the characteristics of the oils remain unchanged.

Modification of the friction surface due to the unique properties of ArmActiv is the technology of carbon nanoreinforcement (TCN).

We use carbon fulleroid nanoparticles


Carbon fulleroid nanoparticlesare in a special way brought in mineral base oil.

At the same time the turned-out solution is absolutely uniform and transparent.

It looks as routine oil.

In it isn't present and there can't be grit as the size of the fissile ArmActiv element several times is less than an oil molecule.


Friction and wear main enemies of modern engines

Losses on friction in engines are up to 30% of all mechanical losses

Even at presence of oil of a detail are subject to wear.

Details most subject to wear in engines are the bent shaft and tsilindro-piston group

ArmActiv allows to reduce wear in couples of friction.


As ArmActiv in couple crankshaft - the liner works

ArmActiv, healing microdefects, strengthens interatomic communications, giving to surfaces new properties.

We call such effect carbon nanoreinforcing.

The numerous tests which are carried out both on the laboratory equipment, and on real tracks showed efficiency of structures of ArmActiv and their long-term work.

As ArmActiv works at couples of friction and in no way does not react with oil, it cannot be removed from knot during oil change.

Structures of ArmActiv keep the working capacity throughout 100,000 miles.